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MA 16.01.2017 klo 19:30
Klang -concert series
Black Box, Musiikkitalo

Tapani Rinne & Tuomas Norvio:
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Tapani Rinne, clarinet
Tuomas Norvio, electronics

Hanna Kinnunen, flute
Mikko Raasakka, clarinet
Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp
Emil Holmström, piano and frame harp
Markus Hohti, cello
Anders Pohjola, electronics
LICKING THINGS by Sari Palmgren & working group
Teaser video: Perttu Saksa
9.-17.11.2016 in Zodiak

Licking Things is a meeting of live music and the primitive motion clinging to life at all costs. The performance looks for fulfilment through music and motion, and examines the empty moments that make fulfilment so full. When something reaches that fullness it disintegrates in its perfection, vanishes – and becomes empty again.

The music is composed by Mikko Perkola and Tuomas Norvio, who also appear on stage with Katri Soini and Sari Palmgren. Their music is inspired by old vocal music and Perkola's instrument, the viola da gamba, and taken to new spheres by Norvio's electronics. Primitive movement and growling: the weight of the dancers' bodies fill the space where incompleteness maintains a lust for life.
Ravel is a short video by Gemma Tweedie with music by Tuomas Norvio, featuring performer Sampo Kurppa. It is part of the theatre, visual art, and sound project, Only Bones, which takes non-text based performance in the expanded narrative form into sparse environments.
KUPLAT-JUHLAT 27.8.2016. WELCOME! more info at facebook/kuplat-juhlat
The Ernesto Neto exhibition on the 5th floor features three event nights that use sound and dance to carry the audience into a meditative state – a ritual for relaxing and calming the mind.
The concept of the event nights was created by sound designer Tuomas Norvio. Every night features a different musical artist.
Design: Tuomas Norvio
Dance: Saara Norvio
Dancer’s outfit: Marja Moisio
Fri 18.3. at 18.00 Tapani Rinne, bass clarinet
Fri 8.4. at 18.00 Johanna Juhola, accordion
Fri 15.4. at 18.00 Mikko Perkola, viola da gamba and voice
Music and sound for the Opening & Pre-Game short film for the IIHF 2016 Ice Hockey World Junior Championships in Finland. Sponsored by Veikkaus.
Film direction, edit and post: Thomas Freundlich / Lumikinos Productions
DP: Amulio Jose Espinosa
Movement design for hockey sequences: Valtteri Raekallio
Production and choreography: Heidi Naakka, Valtteri Raekallio and Inka Tiitinen
Performance: Heidi Naakka, Mirva Mäkinen, Anni Koskinen, Eero Vesterinen, Iiro Näkki, Guillermo Sarduy + Saara Norvio, Jyrki Kasper, Teemu Korjuslommi and lighting designer Jukka Huitila
Hockey sounds recorded by Sami Tammela
Music and sound design: Tuomas Norvio
Music by Tuomas Norvio. Video by Gemma Tweedie and Thomas Monckton.
OU as in 'OverUnity', more commonly referred to as perpetual motion is 'a motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy', is a video created as a parallel project to the theatre show Only Bones.
Using choreography directly from the theatre show, OU combines Tuomas Norvio's track and the eccentric movement to make an independent but intertwined creation.
More from Only Bones
More from Thomas Monckton & Gemma Tweedie: chameleon-company
Thanks Cirko, Kallo Collective, and Jenni Kallo. kallocollective.com


I design sound and music for performances, installations and films. The work varies a lot depending on the job. It can be composing, arranging, editing/ remixing existing songs, producing, recording, mixing sound, programming patches on Max and Ableton Live, etc.
Recently I´ve been working with Tapani Rinne, Kimmo Pohjonen, Mikko Perkola, Johanna Juhola, Marianna Henriksson, Verneri Pohjola, Circo Aereo, Kuriton Co., Sari Palmgren, Vera Nevanlinna, Saara Norvio, Ilkka Rautio.

You can contact me at: tuomasnorvio[at]gmail.com

Past works:


- Licking Things, contemporary dance performance with viola de gamba and electronics, comp. Perkola/ Norvio, chor. Sari Palmgren
- Ad Olio, concert for harpsichord (Marianna Henriksson), trumpet (Verneri Pohjola) and sound (Norvio) inside an oil storage tank.
- Opaque, dir. Maksim Komaro - Circo Aereo, premier 4.5.2016 in Jatka78 -theater, Prague
- Concerto Planos, dir. S.Silvennoinen - Circo Aereo/ Defunensemble, comp. Klemola/ RInne/ Norvio, premier 14.4.2016

- Rituaalitila, a soundscape concert - dance performance series in Ernesto Neto´s installation in Kiasma, 18.3., 8.4. and 15.4.2016
- Utopia (Empathy) - performances in Routa, Kajaani, 12.3., chor. Sari Palmgren


- Only Bones v.1.0., by Thom Monckton and Gemma Tweedie, premier in Wiljami, Rovaniemi 27.12.2015
Music and sound for the Opening & Pre-Game short film for the IIHF 2016 Ice Hockey World Junior Championships in Finland
- MNO -projects "Homevideo" -video installation in Kanneltalo, 9.-19.12.2015
- Kaikelle katoavalle, chor. Eeva Muilu, Helsinki Dance Company, premier 23.10.2015 in Stoa
- Luova Tuho, working group Rautio/ Töyrylä/ Norvio, installation, live-performance and short film
premiers: in Norpas Festival 21.8., installation Version 2 in Urbanapa/ Ateneum 6.-11.10., Film version in Hanko Film Festival 1.11.2015
Algernon, dir. Eero-Tapio Vuori, premier 12.08.2015, Kuriton Co. Korjaamo Stage festival
 Gangewifre, chor.-performer Ilona Jäntti, premier 15.5.2015, Ilmatila, Cirko
- Désertée & Mandarin, dir. Maksim Komaro, premier 7.5.2015, Circo Aereo, Cirko
Paper Piece, chor. Andrius Katinas, Vera Nevanlinna, Salla Salin, premier 9.4.2015, Zodiak
- Connective Patterns - dance documentary movie, dir. Sari Palmgren, premier in Loikka-festival 21.3.2015
Camping 3 - Hyvä ja paha kieli,  dir. Maksim Komaro, premier 8.1.2015, Circo Aereo, Cirko


- Hatched,  chor. and dance Johanna Nuutinen, premier 9.12.2014 I-Dance Festival, Hong Kong
Just,  chor. Vera Nevanlinna, premier 2.10.2014 Zodiak, Helsinki
- Mortal Road Movie, chor. Sari Palmgren, premier 3.5.2014 Generaattori, Kajaani, Äänisäde 2014 nominee
Keinolumikylä, composing for a documentary film by Ilkka Rautio, premier on the 30th of January in Docpoint festival, Illume Ltd.
- Kompitus Goes New York, New York! -tap dance performance
- Jäälle - installation with Ainu Palmu in Lux IN during Lux Helsinki -festival


- Kuolemantauti dir. Eero-Tapio Vuori, Kuriton Co, premier on 21.11.2013 at Omapohja, Finnish National Theatre
Äänisäde 2013 nominee
Minun nimeni on -project in Kannelmäki
choreography by Jenni Koistinen and Sari Palmgren. Videos by Sari Palmgren
- The Pianist - Circo Aereo and Thomas Monckton, premier on 4.9.2013 at Hämeenlinna City Theatre
- Mitä valitsitte tänään?  - sound installation in restaurant KuuKuu / Tsiigaa-ArtGoesKapakka
- The Earth Song chor. Sari Palmgren, Pannuhalli, Zodiak
- Bright Shadow, sound design, chor. Minna Tervamäki, music Kimmo Pohjonen, premier in the Oulu Music Festival
- Metsäretki - An exhibition for the whole family, sound design and sensor systems programming, 1.3.2013 – 24.2.2014 in Amos Anderson Art Museum
- Pienempiä Paloja, dir. Sanna Silvennoinen, Circo Aereo, Stoa


- Minun nimeni on -project in Vuosaari
choreography by Jenni Koistinen and Sari Palmgren. Videos by Sari Palmgren
- Pastoraalisinfonia - Amor Mundi by Laura Murtomaa
more photos by Kira Leskinen
- Cabaret Katatonia, Race Horse Company, dir. Beck Ajuda
- Fantasiatango 2, producing, recording and mixing Johanna Juhola´s 3rd solo album
- Luhtahuitti, recording and mixing the album from Pori Big Band feat. Tapani Rinne
- Camping 2 - Ufot, uskonto ja pakolainen, Circo Aereo, dir. Maksim Komaro
- Toivo - installation, sensor system programming and sound design, concept Ainu Palmu, in Stella Polaris
- Phågel - The Best Cat and Bird Show Ever, dir. Maksim Komaro
- Huhu, Ilona Jäntti, Cirko
- Slapstick Sonata, Circo Aereo/ Cirk La Putyka, dir. Maksim Komaro


- Edge Of the World - installation, concept Terike Haapoja & Norvio, Amos Anderson Art Museum
- X-it, chor. Johanna Nuutinen, Finnish National Opera
- Motet, Circo Aereo/ Gandini Juggling, dir. Maksim Komaro
- Oodi Odotukselle - installation, Turku365 -project
- Sirkuskirja, Circo Aereo, dir. Maksim Komaro
- Äänimaisemia - Soundscapes -installtion, Kajo collective, Galleria Jangva


- Ro-pu, Circo Aereo, dir. Sanna Silvennoinen
- Lightening, Zodiak/ Karttunen Collective, chor. Deborah Hay
- Backstage - audioguide, Theater Museum
- Fantasiatango, producing, recording and mixing Johanna Juhola´s 2nd solo album
- Tango Roto Live, mixing in Johanna Juhola Reaktori´s live album
- Dragon Beach - short movie, dir. Aada Niilola/ Waimar Nyunt
- Petit Mal, Race Horse Company/ Circo Aereo, dir. Maksim Komaro
- Animal Motion, chor. Sari Palmgren
- Kääntö -installation, Kajo collective, Galleria Å
- Kaari -installation, Kajo collective, Galleria Kandela


- Wimme: Mun -album, recording, arranging and mixing. Teosto - prize 2011
- Tilassa - visual concert/ touch screen laboratory, concept Merja Nieminen
- Elämä on Juhla - visual concert, Samuli Putro, Terike Haapoja, Norvio
- RinneRadio: Polestars -album
- Polyform - live installation, w/ Tauko clothes


- Musta Leijona, Circo Aereo, dir. Sanna Silvennoinen
- Connective Patterns, chor. Sari Palmgren
- Cimap! Cento italiana matti a pechino, documentary, music: RinneRadio, dir. Giovanni Piperno
- Verneri Lumi -EP


- Ääressä, chor. Vera Nevanlinna
- Fur!, Circo Aereo, dir. Maksim Komaro
- News, chor. Deborah Hay, adaption by Vera Nevanlinna
- RinneRadio: On -album


- Espresso, Circo Aereo, dir. Maksim Komaro
- 10 päivää - Ten days, short movie, dir. Aada Niilola
- RinneRadio: + -album


- Fritt Fall, Circo Aereo, music: RinneRadio, dir. Maksim Komaro


- Trippo, Circo Aereo, dir. Maksim Komaro
- RinneRadio: Pan -album