Pohjonen alanko

Ismo Alanko: voice, guitar
Kimmo Pohjonen: voice, accordion
Tuomas Norvio: live electronics

Hildá Länsman & Tuomas Norvio

Hildá Länsman - voice and frame drum
Tuomas Norvio - live electronics

Soundscapes based on improvisation. In intermediate spaces formed by echoes and rhythms, Hilda's ethereal, shrilling, growling and clear voice will be combined with the dense electronical sound created by Tuomas. 

Ad Olio - Marianna Henriksson, Verneri Pohjola & Tuomas Norvio

Johanna Juhola Reaktori

Johanna Juhola: accordion
Tuomas Norvio: live electronics, samples
Milla Viljamaa: piano, harmonium, vocals
Sara Puljula: double bass, vocals

Charismatic and playful accordionista Johanna Juhola conjures a magical world that blends Buenos Aires tango halls with dark Finnish forest landscapes. Laced with both melancholic nostalgia and uplifting exuberance, Johanna’s music is an original blend of contemporary tango and inventive use of electronica. A well-known face on the Finnish music scene, her openening piece commissioned for the 2007 Eurovision song contest was watched by tens of millions around the world. Johanna’s innovative performances with her quartet Reaktori captivate with their musical wizardry and cheeky theatricality.

Juhola has released four solo albums Miette (Texicalli Records 2006), Fantasiatango (Texicalli Records 2010), Fantasiatango 2 (Johanna Juhola Music 2012) and Diivan Jäljet (Johanna Juhola Music 2018). Johanna Juhola Reaktori has also released a live CD Tango Roto Live (Johanna Juhola Music 2010). 

Hertell, Rinne & Norvio

Harri Hertell: spoken word
Tapani Rinne: bass clarinet
Tuomas Norvio: live sampling and electronics

Luova Tuho - Creative Destruction

Luova Tuho - Creative Destruction is an installation and a live performance combining Ilkka Rautio´s film, Saara Norvio´s dance and Tuomas Norvio´s music. The premier was at the Festival Norpas in Taalintehdas at 21.8.2015.

The work was filmed in Koverhar, an old steel factory, that is being demolished. The factory was closed down in 2012 and hundreds of people got unemployed, leaving everything behind.

The installation is a multichannel film and sound piece. The live performance combines live electronic/ acoustic music, contemporary dance and VJing with the film material.

Kuplat - Juhlat 2014/ 2016

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- Juhlat. A party, music, dance and circus performance in two Komsio domes in Tullinranta, Hanko on the last weekend of August.

Celebrating the end of the summer in the spirit of Ancient Lights on the seashores of Baltic Sea.

Organizers: Tuomas Norvio, Saara Norvio & Sari Palmgren

Together with: Agit-Cirk, Michaela, Kimmo Pohjonen, Ismo Alanko, Juuso Hannukainen, Anna Pöllänen, Johanna Ikola, Sakari Männistö, Emma Lister, Anni Rissanen, Jukka Peltola, Kaisa Kemikoski, Satu Rekola, Pekka Louhio, Steina Öhman, Labby Catering & Creative Hanko Collective. 


Rinne, Norvio, Huhtamäki - Mindscape Music album

Cover design Artur Närvänen

2/2014. Vinyl album.
We recorded our trios improvisational concerts in Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna during 2011-2014. Then we edited, combined and manipulated them to make an album that is something different than the starting point.


Gift! solo album

Cover design: Kati Hyyppä

In 2012 I actualized a long time thought to Thank people that i haven´t been able to before.

The album was composed between 2010 and 2011, some songs from a scratch and some from bits that I had made for earlier works.

  1. Maillot
  2. So Long and Thanks For All
  3. Bubble Memory
  4. Redshift
  5. 999 Genders
  6. Boom Boom Llamas
  7. King of Sweden


Solo electronics

Since 2011 I have had a few solo performances. They have been largely improvisational. I don´t have a stable concept how to perform my own music, only the laptop and Lemur remains every time.

The last few times shows have been a play around baritone ukulele, live sequencing of beats and manipulation of those two elements on the spot.

I have also performed live in some circus and dance performances. Some of these shows have been more acoustic and some more electronic.